Hi, I’m Caro!

A conscious maker, marketing & green juice enthusiast.

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Do you want to build a powerful Personal Brand and grow your online business?

Whether you’re at the beginning of starting your soul business or you just need some help to keep growing: I help you building a powerful Personal Brand to grow your community & scale your business!

Having worked in Social Media Marketing for StartUps & Marketing Agencies + building the mindfulness platform Sprout & Spirit, I’ve started helping entrepreneurs discovering their purpose and building a business to have an impact in this world.

Let’s work together!

Social Media Management

  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Posting on Socials

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Pinterest Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Posting & Optimization

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Pinterest Marketing

  • Video- & Photoshooting
  • Editing video, photo & audio
  • Optimized for social media

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The Conscious Makers Community

Join our community to inspire and learn from each other about growing a successful and meaningful business.

Weekly Podcast episodes and YouTube videos + tutorials all about Content Marketing, Social Media and Personal Branding.

YouTube: Tutorials & Tips

Weekly videos & tutorials.

On our YouTube channel you can find videos, tutorials and tips all about Content Marketing, Social Media tips, strategies and much more!

All you need to know you start a successful brand and grow your business now a days!

Podcast: Conscious Makers

The Podcast for Entrepreneurs with a mission:

Inspiring entrepreneur share their vulnerable moments, success stories & failures.

Each episode teaches you how to navigate through this life-long journey of following your purpose, building an impactful business and creating a meaningful life.


I receive a lot of questions about the gear I use to make videos or record podcast episodes etc. So here’s a list with everything I use – Nothing fancy, pretty minimalistic.


Books, Podcasts, Music etc – On this list you can find all my favourite sources to get inspired and learn more about health, business or spirituality:)


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