Hi, I’m Caro!

A 19 years old German free soul with Spanish roots, living in Paris, exploring life and this world & connecting with others.

Let’s get in touch!

What is my mission?

When I’m not cooking or doing yoga, I am a content creator, podcast host and founder of the mindfulness platform “Sprout & Spirit” .

A place to connect with like minded people, to share my own experiences and the knowledge of experts about mindfulness, self-healing and how to live a healthy, balanced and authentic life.

Mindfulness & Self-healing

Struggling with a restrictive eating-behaviour, a histamine-intolerance, hormonal imbalances, a Secondary Amonnerrhea, insomnia and many other health issues, I’ve started reading more and more about mindfulness and self-healing and finally started changing my lifestyle completely:

So here I am: Healthy and happy like I’ve never been before.

I’m happy for all the struggles and dark times in my life, because they made me grow and realize that life is not about impressing others, or to live that “perfect life” – Its about being honest and living life on your own terms.

Thanks for joining me on this journey – I am happy to share my thoughts and experiences with you, how to listen more intuitively to yourself, express your true-self and live life on your own terms.

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