#1 – December: Self-Healing Journey

Ok, so having started my self-healing journey 3 years ago, one might think: Wow ok, she must have healed herself and must feel so good now. The truth? Well yes, I’ve overcome different health struggles, but there’s still so much to do, because I haven’t fully got to the roots of my health-issues (aka the symptoms), but rather tried to fix each of them on a surface level…

Maybe you are struggling with some kind of health-issues right now: Mentally, physically, whatever it might be right now: You really just want to get rid of it and finally feel free, healthy and happy again right?

So let’s talk about self-healing and what you can do, that will actually help you in your unique situation!

  1. LOOKING WITHIN The biggest problem on my healing journey was that I was always just looking for answers outside of me: I was running from doctor to doctor to get their help, looking for the perfect cream to heal my acne or have the “healthiest diet ever” (I’m sorry, but quick spoiler: That diet doesn’t exist) – And yeah of course, changing your diet, taking supplements or using creams can change a lot and help you to heal, but most of the time it won’t help you to solve the problem. Every body is so unique, as well as every life, that’s why every illness has different roots…
  2. GET TO THE ROOTS …instead of trying to fix the symptoms (=the health issue you are struggling with). You want to heal your acne, balance your hormones, get rid of a chronic disease, anxiety or an eating disorder? Then you know exactly that just focusing on your skin, your anxiety attacks or trying to fix your eating behaviour hasn’t helped so far and won’t help you to get long lasting results. Why? Because the problem we are struggling with on a mental and physical level is just the symptom of the real problem. So what then is the “real problem” please?! To be honest: I don’t know, you are the only person who can know that, but I can tell you that most of the time the real cause behind our health issues are suppressed emotions and (childhood) traumas.
  3. CONNECTING WITH YOURSELF Realizing that the health issues you were struggling with are just symptoms and that you have to work on something deeper. This can be really intimidating at the beginning, because it seems so much harder, but it’s worth it – believe me. Ask yourself everyday: Hey body, how do you feel today? What’s up? Why do you feel bad? What do you want to tell me with the acne? What is bothering you? How can I give you more attention today? How can I be more gentle and loving to myself? For real just ask yourself these questions: In your head, write them down, or talk to yourself. Even if you don’t get the answers immediately (& that’s most of the time the case), you are telling your subconscious mind & your body: “HEY! I SEE YOU, I know that your not feeling good, I know that I am carrying sth really heavy with me, I still have no idea what it is, but I’m ready now to feel it, to let it go and free myself from it. Thanks body for showing me that there is sth I should focus on! We get through this and we are growing & healing!” Too cliche for you? Try to find a way of connecting with yourself that feels right and authentically to you. Talk to yourself as you would talk to your best friend, be honest, be interested, be curious.

Your healing-journey can be sth really heavy sometimes: You start learning new things about yourself, feeling emotions that you have always just pushed away and didn’t even know that they exist – That’s painful, very painful. But it’s sth. beautiful, because you are finally freeing yourself from all of those limiting beliefs and emotions that were eating you up.

Yes healing requires a lot of work: Learning how to listen to yourself, how to connect with yourself – Maybe meditating, journaling, or reminding yourself everyday to be kind to yourself – But we also have to understand that healing is not about doing more and pushing yourself to finally be healthy, it’s about doing less, about following your intuition and that takes some time.

Be patient and kind to yourself, be curious about that whole journey, you are going to learn so much and develop as a person!

So as I’ve mentioned I’ve already “healed from a eating disorder, an histamine intollerance, hormonal imbalances, amenorrhea and the list goes on” – but I’m still struggling with symptoms, because there is still sth within me that wants my attention, but I am focusing on things around me. Yup, I also still do this. That’s why I am writing this newsletter now, to share what I’ve learned so far and remind myself that healing is a long journey and that it can be about sth really deep within you and that it’s ok to struggle with sth. You don’t have to feel guilty for that, rather start taking responsibility for your life and remember: It’s ok and so helpful to ask for help! Going to a therapist or talking to friends/family can help so much!

This Podcast episode is about self-healing as a journey + The 3 most important steps – How you can finally take action!

Here you can find my latest video about eating “healthy” obsessively:

Some personal thoughts in pushing away emotions – one of the main reasons for most health issues…

Weekly inspiration

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She Awakened Podcast: About suppressed emotions & healing acne

Thanks for reading guys, I wish you all the best!



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