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A conscious maker, marketing consultant & green juice enthusiast.

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Helping you to follow your purpose, create meaningful content & build a powerful Personal Brand

Life is too short to try to impress others or to “be perfect”. I’ve decided to go my own path, follow my intuition and live life how it makes me feel good.

Do you finally want to follow your purpose and create an abundant & meaningful life?

I help you discovering your mission & creating meaningful content, to build a powerful Personal Brand, grow your community & scale your business!

Having worked in Social Media Marketing for StartUps & Marketing Agencies + building the mindfulness platform Sprout & Spirit, I’ve started helping entrepreneurs discovering their purpose and building a business to have an impact in this world.

You want to live a meaningful & abundant life, according to your own values? I support you on your journey of disocvering your purpose, sharing your knowledge and scaling your business.

YouTube Channel

Documenting & Sharing: Mindful entrepreneurship & conscious living:

Building a successful business and serving others doesn’t have to make you burn out & feel stressed all the time. On my YouTube channel I am sharing my journey and experiences of personal growth, discovering ones purpose and serving others.

Conscious Makers

Conscious Makers – The Podcast for Entrepreneurs with a mission:

Inspiring entrepreneur share their vulnerable moments, success stories & failures. Each episode teaches you how to navigate through this life-long journey of following your purpose, building an impactful business and creating a meaningful life.


I receive a lot of questions about the gear I use to make videos or record podcast episodes etc. So here’s a list with everything I use – Nothing fancy, pretty minimalistic.


Books, Podcasts, Music etc – On this list you can find all my favourite sources to get inspired and learn more about health, business or spirituality:)


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